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David Mwangi
Empowering individuals on their journey to mental wellness.

Welcome to Life Balance Psychiatric Services

Our purpose is simple. To provide a safe environment that helps our patients to heal, while empowering them to develop the skills they need to achieve their potential. We provide compassionate mental health care for our clients and their families, as well as a comprehensive array of services that provide the best patient experiences and clinical outcomes.

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Our Mission Statement

Life balance Psychiatric Services aims to change mental healthcare delivery. We are committed to providing accessible, accurate, and holistic mental healthcare for everyone. Our aim is to combine psychopharmacological treatments with safe therapies and offer alternative options to support individuals in their wellness journey. Everything we do is designed to benefit our communities by helping people live fully.

Our Values

We value our diversity and respect everyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, culture, or sexual orientation. We will provide evidence-based practice solutions based on science. We bring a holistic, collaborative, compassionate, and personalized approach to the provision of culturally competent psychiatric services.

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Take Control

Don’t let mental illness control your life – seek help by contacting us to get started with our services